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"Marketers are smart. And when they open their smart brains to let their hearts have a say, they can be quite brilliant. They can quite naturally come to recognize the business urgency of meaning and purpose, seeing customers beyond the traditional category lines. They can feel moved to think deeply and carefully about their place in the world, and to stand for something larger than market penetration and 'share of wallet'. 

What they need is courage.

When a marketer has the courage to think outside the 'think outside the box' box by prioritizing a personal passion for connection above the the need for personal power gained from tactical persuasion, a remarkable thing happens: they become powerfully persuasive. It's a beautiful thing to see...or read, as it were, in Marc's book."

John Marshall Roberts, 
Behavioral Scientist, Author, 
Founder of Worldview Thinking
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Didn't See It Coming is a humorous bootcamp of brand basics - the fundamentals your brand needs to survive and thrive in a world where disruption is the rule, and brands have the lifecycle of a fruit fly. 
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